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3 technology fields

EUTECC has defined 3 global frontrunner technology fields as the most promising sectors in China:

2 strategic toolboxes

EUTECC presents leading service providers in 8 key areas plus financial tools in China:

business tools

If you put everything all by yourself on one card, that can be a big risk, especially when you expand into another culture. As a smaller company, it is advisable to seek a joint venture, in which one will contribute its local know-how and the other its product/service. EUTECC provides unique know-how of the Chinese culture and of the typical business practices of the country. Based on that knowledge and powered by the local network, spreading across 8 regions in China, EUTECC presents leading service providers in 8 key areas, such as Human Resources, Marketing, and others.

financial tools

The first financier is basically also your first customer – being the one who believes that your business idea can come true and gain a foothold abroad. EUTECC offers various financing models to kick-start your international activities. The EUTECC Partner TEP is supporting European SMEs with EU money to expand to China, while EUTECC also offers the support of a Bridge Fund, with Chinese strategic investors and many other financial proposals.

1 bridge

To achieve a dynamic presence in China EUTECC supplies their partner with tailor-made landing options
in strategic regions of China:


EUTECC offers individual accelerator programs on site to their Technology Partners to make them fit for the Chinese market.


EUTECC is establishing incubator for EU companies. Those competence centres will supply the EUTECC Technology Partners with landing services and support on 40.000 m2.


EUTECC is building distribution centres in which EU companies can present their technologies, products and services.


EUTECCs Manufacturing Valleys serve all partners for the cost-efficient construction of on site after-sales, production, etc.