EUTECC Forum in Brussels

On Tuesday 20th of February, The European Technology Chamber (EUTECC) hosted another EUTECC-Forum in Brussels. As headquarters of many European institutions, Brussels is also the home of the NATO headquarters, as well as the European Union Commission and is considered as a main international meeting hub.

The forum was held at the Sofitel Europe Brussels, in the heart of Brussels. More than 50 participants, including senior government officials, as well as representatives of innovative technology companies from across Europe, took part in the fully attended event.

EUTECC was honored with participation of representatives of the EU Parliament and EU Commission. In addition, several clusters, associations and thinktanks, a wide number of technology companies attended. The audience listened to interesting presentations introducing the chamber and its tools to help EU technology leaders to land in the HD China EU Future City (HD CEFC) – the pilot project for the EU China sustainable urbanization Partnerships.

The speeches were given by Mr. Florian von Tucher, Chairman of EUTECC (European Technology Chamber) as well as other representatives of EUTECC.

Ms. Sierra Wang, Chairwomen of Huan De Future City, also gave a speech at the EUTECC event. The participants got an understanding of the opportunities and challenges in the Chinese market, and of the unique opportunities within the CEFC project.

Cluster City presented how to internationalize clusters and help them to enter the Chinese market. Finally, the Mustard Seed Foundation gave a presentation on an initiative with a focus on promoting integral human development.

Overall, the participants got a deeper insight how EUTECC supports European high-tech companies to become successful in emerging markets and expand their operations in the international context. The CEFC project was received as a unique opportunity for leading technology companies to enter the Chinese market!