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The European Technology Chamber (EUTECC) is a registered non-profit association which supports EU technology companies to become more responsible – like our slogan says:
“With Great Technology, comes Great Responsibility”.

EUTECC also supports its members to become more competitive in Europe and expand their international activities. It is a pan-European chamber, with its EU Headquarter in Brussels, Belgium.  

Based on the experience of our members as well as various partners, EUTECC is convinced of the huge potential that EU technology offers for emerging markets. As a leading non-profit service provider in the field of collaboration and international growth, EUTECC offers a mature strategy for bridging European technology leaders and supporting their expansion into emerging markets.



How to be more competitive.

Deeply member driven, EUTECC can be a powerful partner who understands your message and who works with you to build your competitive edge through digitalization and cooperation. 

Supported by excellent partners and an impressive network EUTECC believes that through digitalization and cooperation, european technology companies can not only become stronger, but will ultimately be able to be world market leaders.


How to take the step abroad.

The topic of globalization can’t be ignored by any company ready to grow their business. But how does foreign business succeed if you are not (yet) a global player, but a European medium-sized company or innovative Start-Up?

The EUTECC service portfolio is aiming to address the needs and interests of its European partners in emerging markets and to maximize the benefits of their international activities and global presence.

EUTECC is the direct gateway to the decision makers in Chinese industry and other emerging markets.


Due to the importance of the Chinese market for EU companies, as well as its changing business environment, EUTECC has put a special focus on the Chinese market with its unique 3-2-1 Mode.


EUTECC has defined three global frontrunner technology fields as the most promising sectors in China, based on the terms of the Made In China 2025 Plan, as well as the opening-up policy. 


The EUTECC Essentials-platform enables you to focus on your core business abroad while we support you locally with the basics.

*EUTECC offers services for all emerging markets. Since China is one of the most important, here we are giving a sample of how we proceed in China.


If you want to build a ship, don’t herd people together to collect wood and don’t assign them tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea.
Antoine de Saint-Exupery


We are as strong as our partners are.

It is EUTECCs initiative to strengthen the international partner network of powerful players and government relations in order to provide promising innovative companies a qualified access to the best of global corporations. 

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